The first three minis that started off this entire chapter in the 2004 Chapter Master competition by GW UK. They were featured in the final booklet as well, even though they didn't win:    
The beginnings of the first Tactical Squad. Note how the Tactical Marine from above has been repainted:    
Veteran Sergeant Ludovicus Beyaert, Legio Bolter and Chainsword veteran and main protagonist of a large portion of Fiery Lions stories:        
And here the Scout Squad that made it all the way to the finals at GDUK 2006:

These are several pieces of artwork featuring Fiery Lions marines in one form or another done by several different artists (thanks guys!) Note the two renditions of Mossert, the traitor turned anti-hero:
These are the Turn Signals on a Landraider comics that featured the Fiery Lions and, well, myself actually
This is a Terminator of the Fiery Lions' only known successor chapter, the Celestial Lions: