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"The Fiery Lions are a fairly unknown chapter, even though they have an ancient heritage, dating back to the 7th Founding, around 502.M31. They have no home world and the extensive fleet they have for a base, is never to be found in one place at a time. Individual detachments do not often linger in any one area for long and even when they do, they usually keep away from populated systems whenever possible. The chapter excels in boarding actions and deep space operations and is therefore often called upon to patrol shipping lanes and enforce the Emperorís will on pirates and enemy supply lines. Due to these rather specific and usually isolated duties, the Fiery Lionsí exploits are rarely known outside of the chapter itself and whoever called upon them to perform their task. It is even rarer for foes to live and tell the tale... "

For those who do not know what the Emperor's teeth I'm talking about, it might be advisable to first gain some background knowledge on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. The Links page will provide you with everything you need.

Most of you though, will know what this is all about. The Fiery Lions are a DIY chapter created by myself. All the fluff and fiction available on this website, as well as pictures of minis, are my own work, which I plan to add to gradually over time. Hopefully, alongside the army and fluff, this website, which is my first, will grow as well. For now; enjoy...

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