Throughout the Ultima Segmentum, a story can be heard about a strange ghost ship that has been sighted all over the segmentum for over a 1,000 years. Apparently, a Fiery Lions captain named Wilhelmus Van Der Docken, who was the Captain of a Fiery Lions cruiser, had attempted to cross a notoriously unstable area of Warp space to make it in time to a rendezvous. This stormy area had one small stable route through it, known as the Corridor, but at the time, even that was considered impassable. Headstrong as he was, he decided to try anyway, ordering the ship into the swirl but all his attempts proved to be futile, as the cruiser was thrown off course time and time again.

After so many tries and mounting damage and casualties, the ship's astropath approached Van Der Docken to ask him to please give up and choose another course. This absolutely infuriated Van Der Docken, who wanted to fulfil his mission, no matter what the cost. In a display of uncontrolled, blind rage, uncharacteristically even for a Fiery Lion, he personally threw the man into an airlock and spaced him, roaring at the top of his lungs 'Emperor or False God, I will pass this blasted corridor, even if I have to try till the end of time!'. Appalled and fearful, the rest of the crew obeyed his commands and once again threw the vessel against the Warp storm. The ship consequently disappeared into the corridor, to never be seen again.

However, about a century later, reports started to come in of sightings of a sickly white-green glowing ancient Imperial ship that roamed Warp and real space alike. Ships' crews tell of a large, badly damaged cruiser with an enormous lion perched on the ship's superstructure, that approaches their ship and passes by very closely, no radio contact can be made and navigators are reported to have recurring horrible nightmares for weeks after the encounter. The ghost ship was even given a name; the 'Flying Lion' and has a prominent place in local tales and the story can nowadays be heard in spaceports all over the Imperium.

There has subsequently been an official Inquisitorial investigation into the matter, but this has proven to be fruitless and the official report is that this is some mix of folklore and mass hysteria. The navigators en other crewmembers that have been eyewitness to the phenomenon and were interviewed on this matter were pre-emptively executed to quell any possible unease in the local space faring community. The Fiery Lions too, deny any knowledge of this phenomenon and steadfastly refuse any comment on the matter. Still, careful observers would be able to discover that every sighting is followed up shortly by a Fiery Lions vessel meticulously scanning the area of the occurrence…